Viale Malaspina 32, 54035 Fosdinovo (MS)
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+39 339 3216790 (English speaking)


The vineyard

A famous Tuscan historian, Mr Repetti, who lived between 18th and 19thcenturies, has dedicated one of his remarkable and captivating poems (called “Dizionario geografico, fisico e storico della Toscana”) to celebrate how good the grapes are: “A vineyard was planted with small terraces using the grapes that gave a delicious liqueur known in Lunigiana with the same name as these hills, Montesagna”.
At the foot of the Montesagna hills, nearby Villa Malaspina and few steps away from Arco di Caniparola, vineyards have been planted using the clones of ancient grapes which are still used to this day to produce luxury top notch IGT wines such as Vermentino Bianco or Vermentino Nero of Montesagna (a dark red wine) and a barrique deep red wine “La Merla”.
The delicate and fragrant grapes lovingly harvested with patience and passion are made into superb wines by the Terenzuola Winery, located in the verdant hills above Caniparola.


The vineyard and Villa Malaspina