Viale Malaspina 32, 54035 Fosdinovo (MS)
+39 333 2220111
+39 339 3216790 (English speaking)



Caniparola di Fosdinovo is in the heart of Lunigiana surrounded by beautiful villages, castles, old churches and abbeys. The area was under the stronghold of the Malaspina Marquis (local lords) for centuries stretching back to the Holy Roman Empire. The rule of these lords was documented in Dante’s poetry. It took Napoleon and his army to get the lords to loosen their grip over the region.

The landscape has been farmed by local farmers for centuries right up until the first half of 20th century. The farms used to be owned by the Malaspina Marquis and were characterised by traditional cottages and houses built out of stone. Another building which stands out is the remarkable Villa Malaspina built in 18th century. It still shines to this day with all its splendour, its traditional Italian Garden and the Arco di Caniparola bless the Villa with their inordinate beauty.


Arco di Caniparola