Viale Malaspina 32, 54035 Fosdinovo (MS)
+39 333 2220111
+39 339 3216790 (English speaking)



Accommodation is located in the Arco di Caniparola and it has been fully restored to its prior glory, whilst respecting the ancient heritage of the buildings.
The Arco di Caniparola area is pedestrianized as the ancient road is closed to traffic and it stands out for its pink-coloured facade set against the white frames (a Ligurian tradition).

The apartments are elegantly and comfortably designed, with floors of traditional Tuscan terracotta tiling and ceilings with either circular vaults or natural stone or with beams made of chestnut and terracotta mezzanine.

The apartments are ornately with ancient and traditional tiles made from the finest ceramics from Vietri sul Mare which in ancient times were traded and swapped with Carrara marble.